VRV Farm to Table

--- Handcrafted for You

Embark on a global food adventure, at a local event in your neighborhood. VRV Catering Service is proud to be coming to an event near you, presenting our customers with the best global food, made locally with ingredients sourced from Washington State.   

Speed: Our highly trained staff aims to deliver your food to you in the most timely and efficient manner, so you don’t have to wait in line too long.

Taste: From the highlands of Mongolia to the valleys of the Pacific Northwest, we have carefully gathered flavors that will excite your palate for global cuisine.

Handcrafted: We source fresh ingredients from local farmers, and we prepare our food from scratch to preserve the best nutritional value.

Ambiance: As you hear the distinctive sound of the VRV bell, your senses will be enveloped in steam, spice and smoke. There is an atmosphere of great food, family and fun in the air!

Presentation: By utilizing fresh and vibrantly colorful ingredients our plates become a feast for the eyes.


We Source Our Ingredients from this Local Partners

Local Partners
Awhile Country Market
Amador Farms
Kirsop Farm
Olsen Farms
Red Barn Organic Farm
Sno Valley Mushrooms
Windy N Ranch